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About us

The Lapland University Consortium (LUC) is composed of two higher education institutions in the province of Lapland: Lapland University of Applied Sciences and the University of Lapland.

The Lapland University Consortium is a unique form of strategic alliance in Finland, as it comprises a union between a university and university of applied sciences. Through this co-operation, these higher education institutions are able to offer enhanced quality in expertise and future prospects to benefit students, personnel, and the surrounding society. The Lapland University Consortium has been established to ensure the possibility to continue conducting and offering nationally and internationally high-grade research, education, and art in some of the northernmost higher education institutions in Europe.

The mutual area of expertise lies within the fields of tourism and culture. The higher education institutions have co-operated with vocational schools of the area, and have set up two joint institutes: the Multidimensional Tourism Institute and the Institute for Northern Culture.

The division of academic programs in the area, the specification of strategic strengths to serve the surrounding society, and the unification of operational units into even stronger entities are some expressions of the broad-minded attitude and the co-operative skills that the institutions share.

The university and the university of applied sciences operate as independent, accountable higher education institutions within the mutually approved strategic principles.


Innovation Programme of the Universities of Lapland

Lapland of Wellbeing
Lapland of Natural Resources
Lapland of Industry
Lapland of Experiences, Culture and Tourism

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