Northern light

The Library of the Lapland University Consortium

The Library of the Lapland University Consortium comprises the libraries of the Arctic Centre, Lapland University of Applied Sciences, the University of Lapland and the Lapland Institute for Tourism Research and Education.

The library is open to all, serving primarily the 11,000 students and 1,200 personnel of the universities as well as their partners, regional economy, experts, and the general public.

The Library of the Lapland University Consortium has Lapland’s largest collection of science, art, and professional literature.

The library is a companion to studying, teaching, research, and development. The activities focus on expert services, teaching of information retrieval, and information resources. The library develops and provides its services on the Internet and in modern library units and learning centres. Versatile working and studying premises and equipment in the library’s ten sites provide possibilities to work efficiently alone or as a group.

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