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Study Counselling at Lapland university of applied sciences and University of Lapland

Study Counsellor  works with students to promote wellness, success and resilience by reinforcing learning, problem solving and time-management skills and also by promoting self-determination and optimism among students.

Counsellor´s aim is to support and to promote students` learning, social and emotional health and success. If student has questions concerning health issues, it is recommended to contact nurse or doctor. Also, in the case of planning studies (which courses to take, structure of studies etc.) please contact teachers and personal at the student adviser´s office.

Student can visit counsellor and discuss confidentially about his / her questions or problems on studying and student life in general. Counsellor supports students in problematic situations relating, for instance, to following issues:

  • Time management and planning
  • Study skills and psychology of learning
  • Self-esteem and identity questions
  • Worrying and study stress management
  • Study motivation
  • Exam and presentation anxiety
  • Loneliness or problems with adjusting to new city and country
  • Problems with concentration on studying
  • Lack of self-discipline, procrastination etc.
  • Facing with difficult life situations or difficult decision-making situations


If you have questions or if you want to make an appointment, please do not hesitate to contact the counsellor via e-mail at paula.perttunen[at]

Meetings are confidential.

Contact information:

Lapland University of Applied Sciences & University of Lapland study counselor Paula Perttunen,

Lapland University Consortium,

Telephone number: 040-4844243

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