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MESA – Multiprofessional Education in Substance Abuse

The MESA education program is directed at experts working in the fields of social work and health care, including decision makers and director-level personnel; teaching and educational professionals and professionals that work directly with substance abuse issues.

MESA – development and training program

Participating in the MESA education program will:
  • increase the skills of cooperation of professionals dealing with substance abuse
  • provide new tools for professionals to deal with substance addiction, clients, preventive work and different treatment possibilities based on research data
  • decrease costs related to substance abuse in medical and health sectors
  • provide healthier communities, families and societies

MESA program is tailor-made for an organisation: from 25 ects up to 30 ects
  1. Drugs, society and culture (3 ect)
  2. Drugs and health (3 ect)
  3. Disadvantages of substance abuse and social well-being (3 ect)
  4. Brief intervention, motivational interviewing and intervention methods (3 ect)
  5. Multiprofessional co-operation and network (3 ect)
  6. Cognitive approach when working with a drug using client (5 ect, optional)
  7. Solution focused approach when working with drug using client (5 ect, optional)
  8. Development project work (5 ect)
  9. (1 ect equals 27 hours work)

Further information:

Anna Vanhala
Education and Development Services
University of Lapland

The MESA education program is developed by five Finnish Universities that have a multiprofessional viewpoint and high-level expertise in the field of studies of substance abuse and in educating social and health professionals.

University of Lapland, www.ulapland.fi
Lapland University of Applied Sciences, www.lapinamk.fi
Oulu University, www.oulu.fi
Oulu University of Applied Sciences, www.oamk.fi
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