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Consortium studies – a shared supply of studies for the students of the universities of Lapland

Degree students of the universities of the Lapland University Consortium (Lapland UAS, the University of Lapland,) can take courses of another member university. The studies available are basic studies and Open University studies. They are free of charge if the studies are included in the student’s own degree.

Apply for the studies using the forms on the right.  You can participate if the groups are not booked full. You will be sent a confirmation of admission by e-mail before the studies begin.

You must make sure beforehand that the studies can be transferred to your own degree. Having completed the studies you must contact your own university to register the credit transfer.

Lapland University of Applied Sciences

  • The curricula and schedules of the entire supply of studies. Curricula focused on consortium studies
  • Participation is not possible in trainings that are part of a UAS degree and in studies requiring earlier studies.  

University of Lapland

  • The study requirements and teaching schedules of the entire supply of studies as well as Open University studies
  • Participation is not possible in Bachelor's thesis work and in studies that require earlier studies.
  • Consortium studies do not include 1) advanced studies, 2) art education, graphic design, and photography studies in the Faculty of Art and Design, 3) multidisciplinary studies in the Faculty of Education, and 4) specialization studies.

Further information:
        Merija Timonen
                            Manager of Teaching and Student Support Services
                            Tel. 040 - 7777 352


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