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LUC in a nutshell

The Lapland University Consortium is a community of higher education institutions comprising the University of Lapland and Lapland University of Applied Sciences. Its mutual task is to combine education, research, culture, and other expertise into a high-quality and impressive entity that will serve Lapland, Finland and the world.” (the strategy of the Lapland University Consortium)

The University of Lapland and Lapland University of Applied Sciences are developing their operations on the basis of a mutual strategy, which is reflected in the individual strategies of the higher education institutions. The institutions renewed their strategies by the spring of 2010 to further supplement each other, each institution emphasizing their own strengths in research and development.

Two institutes that aim to spearhead expertise in their fields have been established in Lapland: the Lapland Institute for Tourism Research and Education in Rovaniemi and the Institute for Northern Culture in Tornio uniquely combine and implement three educational levels and co-operation in research.

The higher education institutions of Lapland have a mutual innovation program. It is a joint expression of will concerning those focuses and methods which the institutions will strengthen further to support both the private and the public sectors of the province toward renewal and change.

Overlaps of academic programs between the higher education institutions were removed in 2008 by discontinuing 10 academic programs and relocating 280 starting study places.

As of 2011, the higher education institutions will produce their support services mainly together. The institutions share e.g. the Library and the Language Centre that will continue to operate in Rovaniemi, Kemi, and Tornio.



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