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Operating principle

The universities of the Lapland University Consortium function as part of the Finnish university system and work together to produce university-level teaching; research, development, and innovation; services; and other expertise-based methods of regional influencing needed and appreciated in Lapland.

The educational cooperation of the universities is based on jointly approved education responsibilities and on a dual model between the university and the universities of applied sciences. Each individual university utilizes the group’s shared expertise in developing and implementing its own education. In pursuance of eminent international-level research and development, the University of Lapland conducts research in accordance with its basic mission, while the universities of applied sciences engage in applied research and development.

In their activities serving to develop the province’s private and public sectors, the universities and upper secondary institutions commit themselves to a joint innovation program. As a rule, the support services of the consortium and, where applicable, the upper secondary-level institutions are organized jointly. Cooperation between the universities and the vocational upper secondary level is piloted in the operations of the Lapland Institute for Tourism Research and Education and the Institute for Northern Culture.
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