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Vision 2020 – Consortium of education

The consortium of education is a nationally and internationally attractive entity. Its strength derives from the high proficiency and renowned, innovative expertise of the consortium’s universities and upper secondary-level institutions. The high schools and vocational colleges of Lapland provide general and vocational upper secondary education of high quality, offer vocational know-how needed in Lapland’s industrial life, and consolidate the student substratum for the region’s universities. The consortium of education is a strong and esteemed educational performer at the national level.

The educational institutes of the consortium of education implement their basic tasks – teaching and research – in a rational manner and through productive cooperation. The agreed educational work allocation is well-established. The consortium of education has several nationally and internationally esteemed units of education and research. Its joint innovation program steers the operations toward agreed targets while taking into account the special characteristics of the region and the educational levels. The support services of the consortium are organized jointly, productively, and in a user-friendly manner. The consortium has well-functioning relations with industrial life and society, its network of national and international cooperation is esteemed and productive, and it uses its resources profitably and by promoting quality and work allocation.

The consortium of education has a strategy that forms a strong and mutually supportive whole with the strategies steering the university operations and the upper secondary-level operations.
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