Northern light

Shared units / Institutes

The Institutes

The mutual area of expertise of the higher education institutions in the Lapland University Consortium lies within the fields of tourism and culture. The higher education institutions have co-operated with vocational schools of the area, and have set up two joint institutes: the Multidimensional Tourism Institute and the Institute for Northern Culture.

The Multidimensional Tourism Institute is a unique knowledge community, which combines tourism, all educational levels, and innovative research and development activities. The institute is formed by the following: the subject of tourism research at the University of Lapland; the fields of tourism, catering, and economy at Lapland University of Applied Sciences; and the fields of tourism, catering, and economy at the Lapland Vocational College.

The Institute for Northern Culture is a network consisting of three educational levels and cultural actors. Cultural production and heritage are being developed by the network. The network develops vitality and well-being in Lapland through cooperation between education, research and artistic activity. The core of the Institute is composed of the Faculty of Art and Design at the University of Lapland, the Business and Culture education at Kemi-Tornio UAS and the Culture education in the Lappia Vocational College.

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